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"Heavenly Encounters, Wish You Were Here," Book 2. Inspired by Cass Elliot and Marc Bolan.

“I know she is home,” I said to Mark as we both stood by a door of a two-story house on Level 3.

Mark, with his hands in his tan silk jacket pockets, watched me.

“I meditated on the inside and saw a slim Cassy in her kitchen. Here goes.” I knocked on the door.

The door opened.

“Hey, such a time for a visit.” Cassy smiled.

“Hi, Cassy, this is me mate, Mark.”

“I recognize your voice,” Mark began.

“Yes, I used to be in the Moms and Dads. I go by Cassy.”

“Well, Cassy,” Mark said, tipping his black swede hat. “It’s nice to meet you. In case you don’t recognize who I am, I’m Mark Finestein the leader from the glitter pop band, The Pterodactyl.”

“She doesn’t know you, Mark. Your music didn’t take off until 1972.”

“Hey, come on in.”

As we walked into the house, Mark whispered to me, “I believe she looks smashing. Can I tell her that?”

We made it into the living room. “I think the smile on her face tells me she comprehends what you think of her.”

Cassy took a seat in a pink bean bag chair, something new. “So what can I do you for?”

Wow! She picked up a new lingo.

Both Mark and I took a seat on the couch, the only available seat. “Well, pleasure, and a favor,” I began.

“Oh, well, after making me that wonderful bubble bath ages ago, how can I say ‘no’?”

All the leaves are brown?

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