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"Wish You Were Here," Goodies Blog 2

Is summer almost over? The days in Chicago are still sweltering. The nights are warm and breezy. I want, at least in my mind, to hang onto a feeling as we approach fall. For me the seasons are coming and going like a overwound clock. Are the days flying by for you as well? Although the world is also changing, sometimes for the good or bad, at least I will not let one thing change, the music I love. That will always be timeless for me.

I believe my story A Rock Fantasy, Wish You Were Here,: Book 1 and Heavenly Encounters, Wish You Were Here, Book 2 are also timeless. Music is really the theme in my stories. Like an artist who paints with his brush a whimsical painting, I am able to form words to create a world without limits. For those who have read both stories on my Facebook blog, you have told me the stories I come up with definitely take you on a fantastic journey behind the earthly curtain. And what a trip it is. If you would like to learn more about this voyage beyond the physical, join me on Wednesday at the link below at 9am USA central time for my interview on “Plastic EP." Although it will only be about a half hour, it will be well worth your time. I will open your mind to the possibilities you only dreamed about. Looking into the afterlife of my stories again will show you the wider scope of my mind. This is not just about Badfinger. This is about the music and the famous souls behind these tunes. What I have put down on the blank page and what I have later found in my research has some interesting similarities. To find out more, click the link below to learn more.

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