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Wish You Were Here Goodies!

Have you entered the Twilight Zone? In this segment, not only will Tomas inspired by Tommy Evans, enter a place where time is not irreverent but he will meet some great writers. How this will play out? Find out in this awesome segment of “Heavenly Encounters, Wish You Were Here, Book 2.” I hope you enjoy the story.

I touched one of the tables. Two of the men, resembled Einstein, with their, wild white hair. Both men smoked pipes, but one of the three who sat together peaked me interest.

“You’re the guy from the Outside Zone,” I said, with recognition. I don’t understand why I feel I want to experience a familiar face, no matter if it happens to be on the telly, since in me mission, lately, I can’t find a recognizable soul.

The man took his pipe out of his mouth. “Yes, Bob Sterling, who created the series and also the Dark Gallery. Are you here for the tour?”


“Yes, in ten minutes.”

“You have a watch, or a clock?” I stared at the two men.

“We have an angel, and a spiritual radio, that keeps us up to date.”

“I see. Is this a library? I didn’t realize they had these in Heaven.”

“This is where souls come to gather factual information and turn these events into fiction. All these people here are writers.”

I observed the words appearing on the page on one of the soul’s table.” His words puzzled me. If Glenda Raiden came here to write her book, There Is Something Always Happening in Heaven, I guess this is possible, also.

“We are the heart of the operation,” Bob said. “By the chance, are you a writer?”

“I write songs, or I used to.”

“What kind of songs do you write?” one of the men with crazy hair asked after removing his pipe from his mouth.

“I don’t know. Just love songs and how I feel about things in the world.”

The other man, with the unruly hair, took his pipe out of his mouth and spoke up, “So you write songs on worldviews. I love that.”

“We all take facts and put it into fiction for our readers,” Bob said. “Isn’t that right, Martin.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Let me introduce the F & F members. To my far left is Ernie Hummingbird, and next to me is Martin Twain. And you are?”

“Totally dumbfounded! Besides Charles Dickenson, you are the best writers in Heaven,” I said, still in awe.

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