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This story keeps on getting better!

Here I go on another run.” I opened me door and witnessed a man with his hand cupped in the air right next to me face. I looked with curiosity at the man with dark bushy eyebrows and deep-set brown eyes, a bloke with shoulder-length wispy brown hair.

“Oh, I realized nobody was home. I’m sealing this note to your door. Go on my way. Funny, but you opened it.”

“I was on me way out, but…” I took the note off the door with interest.

“Oh, I’ll leave. But, before I do, I’m Criss Ringer, you know, from Big Sun. I was talking to Mark Finestine, and he told me it might interest you in playing bass for a band. The note says I’m starting one, and I’m interested in looking for a bass player and a drummer for my new band.” He stood there in his black jacket and black pants with a white shirt underneath and a black tie to boot.

“That was nice of Mark to recommend me, but I’ve got other plans. But, hey, you can come in for a drink, or something to eat before I leave.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, come in.”

Criss walked into me house and into me living room. “What can I get you?”

“I’m not thirsty, but I recognize something I never saw in Heaven.”

“Oh, you mean me Atari game in the corner of me living room. Yeah, it came with the place.”

Criss walked over to the game console his eyes wide. “I haven’t played one of these in ages.”

“Would you like to play doubles?”

“Heck, yeah.”

“What game do you want to play? I have a few to choose from.”

“You have Pac-Man?” he asked with excitement.

“Sure. I’ll set it up. You can go first, Criss.”

We played, and Criss seemed to be good at the game. “I hear a knock at the door. Keep on playing, I will answer it.”

“Sure thing, Tomas.”

I left the game to Criss and opened the front door. Shannon Slate dressed in her cashmere mini white dress stood in bare feet.

She looked at me with innocent eyes. Her name was a part of me gematria, like the hammer I gained from Tad of Iron Moth fame.

“Please, come in. I know you were here before.”

“Thank you, Tomas.”

We walked into me living room.

Criss played at me video game counsel and pressed the buttons.

“Shannon, we were in the middle of a game called Pac-Man. You wouldn’t know it because it is after your time.” Me knees trembled saying that to her. Me mind screamed out, You didn’t have to die!

“Criss, we can finish the game later.”

“I’m having a real go at it,” Criss said, concentrating.

I let him be. “Shannon, would you like anything to drink, or eat?”

Shannon sat on me black leather couch. “I came to tell you the news.”

“Oh, what is it?” I sat next to her. Did she find her unborn soul?

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