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Special Christmas Wish You Were Here Segment inspired by Tommy of Badfinger.

I flew down to Earth and landed inside a house, I was familiar with, within Germany. My eyes picked up a decorated Christmas tree with different size presents underneath. However, something seemed odd. As I counted them, I saw me, son, in light brown pajamas, running downstairs toward the tree. I heard my wife following him saying, “You shouldn’t open any of the presents until the rest of the family is up. His lips turned downward. I saw my beautiful wife in her pink robe. My son, a grown man, still had the heart of a child. I haven't seen him in ten years. Was he married? Did he have kiddies?

"Why can’t we open one? Why isn’t the Christmas tree lighting up?"

Hmm, the plug is on the floor. I walked to the side of the sparkling tinsel tree. What if I make my energy light up the tree for two seconds? They will know it's me.

As my son approached the tree to plug it in, I concentrated, touched the cord, and tried to push my energy into the wire with all my strength. The tree lit up. My son dropped the cord. Shaken, he yelled, “Did you see that Mum! I think Dad is here! The tree lights were not plugged in!”

“It must be a Christmas miracle.”

“I understand it was Dad. Can we open his present you keep putting under the tree every Christmas? I’d like to know what you gave him.”

I didn’t realize my wife left this present under the tree every year. A tear fell from my eye. “It’s not like Dad will take it. Why do you do it?"

“I don't know.” She sat down on the couch next to the tree. My son plugged the cord into an outlet. “I just do.”

“You never told me what is inside.”

“Maybe it is your Dad who did it.”

My son's lips curved upward. “Merry Christmas Dad!”

Merry Christmas son! My curiosity ran wild. What is in the box she kept for all these years? I needed to find out. I walked over to my present wrapped in, my favorite color, purple. The words on the box changed places. The letters read aoTms, then soTma. The letters changed again. I mouthed, Tomas. Intrigued by what was in the box, I put my hand inside. My son sat next to my wife on the couch, looking so disappointed about not being able to open one present. My fingers touched the inside of the box. I picked up tingles from the object inside.

I remembered the time I took from the house a physical Daffy Duck hat. I got it from Disneyland. Somehow, I made it spiritual and kept it on my coffee table. Can I also take this item too? I concentrated with all my might. With ease, I took out the object and held it in my hand. I did it! The watch felt solid in my hand. "Thank you!" However, I knew my family wouldn’t hear me. My fingers worked on putting the black digital timepiece around my wrist.

Back before I became a spirit, I wanted a digital watch to replace my analog London watch, all the band members received, from The Silver Crickets London Corp.

Thank you, love, I gushed. A jolt of electricity pulsated through me. A Merry Christmas to you and my son.

Looking at the watch, I noticed one thing, the time said 5:56 pm. My heart skipped a beat while looking at the numbers. These are the numbers on this new gematria list the Jewish lady gave me! She told me these numbers would lead me to my mate! Can this watch, my wife kept all these years, lead me to Paul?

I kissed my wife, hoping she would kiss me back. I tried to hug my son, aware my hands could go right through his body, like water going through a funnel. I wanted to see the rest of the family. However, there was a strong urge pulling me to return to Heaven. Ready to leave to my next destination, I shook my head. “No! I must do this!”

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