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She won my heart from the beyond!

“Hey, this stucco house's door is open.” I looked at the exterior of the place, a light brown two-story house. “I know souls don't steal in Heaven, but why is this door open?”

I peered inside. “Maybe I can meditate on the house.” I tried, but I couldn't seem to snoop inside the house. “This is strange. I can't use me mind to penetrate the walls, and I don't understand why?” Me fingers rubbed together as I went from side to side.

“Hello!” I shouted into the hallway. “You know your door is open?”

At first, I didn't hear anything back and turned around. “I need to leave,” I muttered.

I heard from behind, “Hi. What can I help you with? My friend, Allison Maxwell, went down to the Earth Plane and asked me to take care of her place for a while.”

I turned back around only to be struck by this enchanted soul. Me eyes scanned her beautiful, long blonde-colored hair, to her crystal green eyes, to her angelic face, and down to her perfectly shaped body, enhanced by her tight, off the shoulder, white shirt, and her tight blue jeans. She wore big gold hoop earrings and stood in bare feet.

I was so got caught up in her beauty. All I could say was, “Did you know your door was open?”

“Oh, yes,” her voice in a soft, but very confident, tone said, “I keep the door open because I don't like being in closed spaces. Have we ever met before?”

“I don't know, but you do look familiar.”

“I'm only watching Allison’s house until she gets back, but I'm sure it would be all right to come on in from your travels,” the enchanting lady said.

The way her voice invited me in made me say, “That's very nice of you. Sure.”

I followed her in the front door. Me feet crushed the plush off-blue carpeting. She walked with bare feet and led me into a living room. Me eyes panned a room, decorated with different patterns of off-blue, and off-yellow squares on the furniture. Then, I looked at her face, a face I had seen before, but couldn't remember her name.

The lady with the blonde hair and shaped contour body sat down on a recliner. “I knew so many people in my life, but I don't know you. Have we met?”

Me mouth said, still enchanted by her beauty, “I don't think so. I would know such a striking person like you. But I have seen you, and...Me name is Tomas Alvers.”

The woman looked up at the ceiling for a second. Then, she looked back at me, with sweet green eyes into me dark brown eyes. She mused, “I don't think I ever met a Tomas Alvers.”

I gushed. “Do you know who The Silver Crickets are?”

A smile appeared on her face. “Yes, The Sliver Crickets played at my house once, and it was so wild, having them there, and my parents, who really weren't familiar with them. Did you know The Silver Crickets?”

When she moved, I saw her earrings flash.

Do I know this soul?” “Oh, I supposed they were our mentors.”

“Oh, so you knew them as your advisers,” the woman in the tight jeans said as she leaned forward on the side of the recliner chair, her blonde hair fell around her face. Her eyes soaked up me own brown eyes. But I also saw something else in her eyes, intelligence.

“Maybe you were in the same circle as my husband, Roland Petersky the filmmaker.”

I shook me head. Now I know who this precious woman is. “We've might not have met, but I've seen you in a movie.” I just jumped started me memory.” I knew where else I've had seen this bombshell. I swallowed hard. I know all the tabloids, the telly news, that circulated around the world. The last eyes she saw of murderous people brought her to Heaven. All this makes me now feel a little uncomfortable.

The woman known as Shannon Slate Petersky asked, “Would you like a drink, Tomas?”

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