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Inspired by the late great Marilyn Monroe.

I meditated on this particular door on Level 3. Wow, white plush surroundings; even the table has some kind of white design on the top.

I finally saw a person coming me way; she had an hourglass figure. The soul’s hair shone radiantly. Her perfectly sculptured eyebrows showed a hint of amusement over her long-lashed eyes, and her hair was as long as mine. I am having second thoughts or, maybe I should just leave.

“Are you the man from Tiffany’s?”

I pointed to meself. “Who, me? No…You mean there is a Tiffany’s in Heaven?”

“Oh, we have every kind of store here.”

Her voice was soft and sweet behind very red lips, and she wore a very tight, off-white dress down to her knees; the dress was cut deep, falling off her shoulders. I know who this is.

“Would you like to come in? It’s always nice to treat strangers with kindness.”

I followed her into her abode. Me eyes couldn’t help but notice the way her hips swayed back-and-forth as she walked ahead of me wearing those white pumps. She offered me a seat on her very white furry couch; it was very soft. I took slow easy breaths as I sat down.

She took a seat on her plush white swinging chair, something I seemed to have missed. “Are you from this level?”

“No, just visiting.” I couldn’t tell her that I was on a wild goose chase of sorts, not yet, anyway.

As she rocked on her swing, she put her hand out. “Mary Major, and you are?”

“Pleased, I mean, Tomas Alvers, or you can call me Tomas. Everybody has a preference.”

“You’re funny. Tomas it is. So, Tomas, which dimension are you from?”

“Which dimension?”

“Yes. Heaven isn’t built on the distance, that is an Earth concept. Heaven is based on levels conjoined together.” What came out of her mouth didn’t seem to match the things I knew about her.

“I’m from Level 5. Like I said, I come down to visit friends. I tried to go up a level once, but the angels tried to shoot me down.”

“That’s what happened to me when my second husband, a famous baseball player, died. I tried to go up to see him. Angels aren’t always nice.”

“I agree.” She’s smart, and we have something in common. We became engrossed in the dynamics of Heaven. I found her fascinating in every way.

“The only time I’ve seen hair on a man like you was in a Shakespearean play. Are you from that era, Tomas Alvers?”

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