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Happy Birthday Syd Barrett!

“You're Sidonia Barrlet. I recognize you now since you removed your hair from your eyes,” I said with acknowledgment, standing in this thin man's little red cottage surrounded by souls transformed into child souls doing creative things in the living room.

“It's Rudiger now,” he said, kind of coy.

Then, I remembered, He said he came here on July 8, 2006, and said he's been here a while. Blimey! I've been searching for Paul and now, John and...I blinked. “What day is it?”

“Yes, of course. It is December 9, 2013, according to the spiritual radio. I always take it with me wherever I go.” He patted his back-right jeans pocket. “Don't you have one?”

“Me? Yes, but even though I sealed it if I go down to a lower level, I'm afraid it will just dissolve. I had me guitars do that once or food to take down to me friends.”

Rudiger leaned closer to me. “Double sealant, mate.” Then, I heard the laughter and children’s voices that seemed to echo all around the house and outside giving me a sort of chills.

“Must check on me other group. Would you like to come?” Again, I saw Rudiger bangs fall in front of his eyes.

What could be going on out there? Last time I was on the Earth just before I came to Heaven, I remember Sidonia played on two Rose Lloyd albums. He became the first acid casualty of the ‘60s then had a solo comeback; he was seen one more time at the Rose Lloyd session where they were recording at the time.

This segment would not have happened without you Tommy.

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