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Joyce Isaacson.


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Here is a taste of both stories!


A Rock Fantasy.



After years of depression following the death of his soul brother and band lead singer, Paul Lamb, Tomas Alvers finds himself in Heaven.

Guided by Gabriel, an angel, Tomas sets out on a Dantean-style adventure, hoping to reunite with his beloved Paul. Along the way, he encounters famous artists and performers who help Tomas navigate this version of Heaven, with its ever-changing rules, in a quest to rock every level of Heaven. 

A Rock Fantasy bridges the love between bandmates with the Pop-Paranormal.

The first Wish You Were Here Book.

Heavenly Encounters.



Rock star Tomas Alvers finds that searching for his friend Paul isn’t as simple as he’d hoped. Still in Heaven, Tomas meets past souls from times gone by, such as Marc Bolan and Marylin Monroe. Along the way, Tomas discovers a strange and mysterious stone and stumbles upon an exact replica of a club where his Earthly band debuted.

Granted a divine appointment with Princess Lady Deana, who commands him to complete a task, forcing him to do something he dreads.

Heavenly Encounters challenge Tomas to resolve the past and find his bandmate, before it’s too late.

My Story

Meet the author, Joyce Isaacson of the Wish You Were Here Series. This video is timeless!
Here is my awesome interveiw with Plastic EP!
Wish You Were Here book series inspired by Tom Evans and Pete Ham of Badfinger.

Joyce Isaacson has been happily married for 31 years; she has one son and her baby, Taylor, a cat. She loves to make new recipes, write in her blog (over 1000 members are eagerly awaiting the publication of Wish You Were Here Series Book 2) and she enjoys talking to other writers. Working for the Chicago Tribune Editorial Department for ten years, she gained invaluable skills, primarily in Art and Journalism. In grade school, she won a poetry contest. The writing bug bit her and she has never stopped doing what she loves. In high school, Joyce formatted her school newspaper and interviewed local rock stars. Her love of fantasy and the paranormal, coupled with her fascination with Rock and Roll, compelled her to write A Rock Fantasy, .Wish You Were Here Book 1 How was she inspired to write the book? 

In 2013, her husband had a little internet radio station and asked her to find some CDs for him. She came across The Best of Badfinger, and she listened to Rock of All Ages. It sounded like a Beatles’ song and she loved it. She read the liner notes and found out a little about the band. Her husband was familiar with a Badfinger group on Facebook so she joined it. She found out everybody was hurting. 

Badfinger’s manager had stolen their money, consequently, two members killed themselves, one in 1975 and the other in 1983. She wrote to the group that Tommy was looking down at them from Heaven and that they would always be in his heart. She received positive feedback. She decided to write a blurb about Tommy and Pete on that site. She got a lot of positive feedback. From that, she created her own Badfinger page and began writing segments of a story inspired about Tommy and Pete in Heaven. That has since morphed into A Rock Fantasy, Wish You Were Here, Book 1. She is dedicated to keeping their memories alive. This is her second novel.
She also has penned her sequel Heavenly Enounters, Wish You Were Here, Book 2


Now she loves their music so much and she has close to 1090 members on her FB blog. Many of her members encouraged her to publish the story. She sat on the idea for about a year and finally decided to create a readable story for them to hold in their hands. She knew she needed a lot of help so she hired a fantastic editor, Dennis De Rose, and after the story was edited she hired a super formatter, Nick Caya. She is now with Pen It! Publications. The awesome front cover design was done by her good friend Poovarasan Ravi. Prince Enyiemah did a fantastic job on the back covers. Tanya W. did a wonderful book trailer for the sequel. 



Heavenly Ecounters Book 2 trailer
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